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Theo and Jed’s Excellent Adventure

November 17, 2011 Leave a comment

      Dale Sveum was named the Head coach of the Chicago Cubs today, as Theo was hinting on Wednesday that the closer was in the game for the managerial job, meaning it was almost complete.  The presser will be tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. and I’m pretty excited to wake up early on my only day to sleep in to watch the final press conference for the time being, unless Prince Fielder, or Albert Pujols are on their way to the north side.

I like the hire in Dale Sveum, unlike most people who don’t like that he doesn’t have the experience, well neither does Alomar, or Mckanin.  Alomar was said to not be in the running anymore after he told Theo and co. that he did not believe in the stats side of business, and that the old school way is the way to go.  Sveum on the other hand likes the way that stats is taking over the game, and that it is the new way to do business in building a team.  It also helps that Sveum receives praise from Terry Francona, and Theo as he was the 3rd base coach for the World Series Red Sox team in 2004.  Sveum is a players coach, many like him in the Brewers organization, where he has been the hitting coach this past season, he also took over for Ned Yost when he was fired in 2008, and led the Brewers to a playoff run the last part of September, but ended up losing in the first round to the Phillies.

One thing that Sveum might be able to bring to the Cubs is not just being such highly regarded by others in the front office, but he might be able to convince Prince Fielder over to the North side of town.  Since Sveum has been his hitting coach, he probably knows Fielder’s swing inside and out, after the press conference tomorrow, Theo and Jed will probably sit with Dale and go over the possibility of bringing Fielder over here.  It’s going to be interesting to see what is going to happen now that the manager is finally in place, we might see some moves get done sooner rather than later.  Let Theo and Jed’s Excellent Adventure begin!!!


ALDS and NLDS Game 5’s are set

October 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Are you kidding me??  Three game 5’s are set for Tonight, and Friday night, we have Ivan Nova and the Yankees taking on Doug Fister’s Tigers.  I couldn’t think of a worse pitcher for the Tigers to send out there for a game 5, if there was anyway to get Verlander out there again I would, but that’s highly unlikely.  Look for the Yankees to take control of this game in the Bronx and carry on into the ALCS.

Now for the NL, I pray to god that the NLCS matchup is not between the Cardinals and the Brewers, knowing that two teams from the Central are in it will hurt on the heart.  The Brewers are most likely gonna send out Yovani Gallardo, who threw a 8 inning gem, giving up only 4 hits, and striking out 9.  Diamondbacks are going to lean on the young stud, CY Young candidate  Ian Kennedy who won 21 games for them in the regular season.  Great pitching matchup for this game, should be an interesting one seeing as the Dbacks played terrible in Milwaukee the first two games, then decided to show up at home the last two.

Speaking of great matchups, the two aces of both respective clubs Roy Halladay vs Chris Carpenter.  After giving up a 3 run homerun to Lance Berkman in the first inning of game 1, Halladay settled in and struck out 8 batters, thru 8 innings, and only gave up 1 hit after the homerun.  Chris Carpenter on the other hand had a rough go of it in-game 2, 3 innings pitched, 5 hits, 3 BB, and only 2 K’s.  I’d look for Carpenter to bounce back in this one, but I’m definitely giving the Phillies the upper hand here in-game 5 in Philly, just based on the fact Roy Halladay is most likely going the distance in this one.