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Week 8 NFL Start Em Sit Em

Teams on Bye: Falcons, Bears, Packers, Jets, Raiders, Bucs


Start Em-

Eli Manning- Manning is going up against the worst team in the league in the Rams, he should be able to carve up the defense all day in the Meadowlands.

Ryan Fitzpatrick- Fitzpatrick just inked a nice new long-term deal to be the Bills Quarterback of the future, he goes up against the Redskins this week, I think he’ll show why he’s the Qb of the future.

Andy Dalton– Dalton has probably been the 2nd best Quarterback to come out of the draft this year so far behind Cam Newton.  He has surprised everybody with his presence in the pocket, and his accuracy.  Seahawks have a good defense but I think with Benson out, Dalton will be on leaned on a little more.

Ben Roethlisberger- When the Steelers and Patriots go up together, it’s more times than not going to be a shootout.  Last year both Brady and Roethlisberger put up huge numbers when they played each other, I see this game being no different.

Sit Em-

Alex Smith– Smith has been playing good at home lately, especially the game against the Bucs.  Joe Haden is healthy for the Browns so that isn’t a good matchup for top receiver Crabtree, I expect the 49ers to lean on Gore in this game, while Smith will only throw for 1 TD.

Tim Tebow-  He keeps on showing to me why he isn’t a good QB at all, many people thinks he’s so great because of the comeback win last week against the Dolphins.  He only threw for over 100 yards, but ran for 50, this week against the Lions he should get a wake up call to why he isn’t a Quarterback in the NFL.

Christian Ponder- If your thinking about starting Ponder this week after his showing last week against the Packers, I wouldn’t expect the same numbers in this one.  The Vikes are probably going to give a heavy dose of AP to the Panthers in Carolina.

Running Backs

Start Em-

Chris Johnson- If this isn’t the week that CJ2k breaks out, then I don’t know what week it will be.  If he cannot have a great day against the terrible Colts Defense I have no hope for him for the rest of the season.

Frank Gore- Gore is going to have a huge day against the Browns this week, he has been playing lights out lately after getting off to a slow start, I expect 125+ in this one.

Jackie Battle- I like Battle again this week, as he seems to be the featured back for the Chiefs up against a weak run D in the Chargers.  I expect this game to be high scoring through out and Battle to get his share of touches and yards.

Pierre Thomas- The Saints are going to do what they did last week, this week against the Rams.  With Mark Ingram out, Sproles and Thomas’s carries and touches should rise even more.  Both of them should easily be in double digits at the end of this game.

Sit Em

Knowshon Moreno- McGahee is going to be out this week, so Moreno finally has a shot to get his job back for once.  Lance Ball is behind him though, where John Fox does like him.  Don’t expect too much out of Moreno here against a good Lions Defense.

DeAngelo Williams- Stewart has been getting more and more goal line carries and more touches than DeAngelo Williams.  The Vikes have been up and down this year on Defense, I expect Stew to find the end zone over Williams.

Montario Hardesty- If Hillis can’t go on Sunday, Hardesty would be in the place for him.  I wouldn’t expect much from either if Hillis was starting anyways, the 49ers have been great when it comes to stopping the run.

Wide Receivers

Start Em-

Anquan Boldin- Boldin has been on a roll lately, and you have to ride him while he is hot.  Until then keep him In your lineups.

Antonio Brown- Brown has been getting his share of targets, getting close to Mike Wallace for them.  I expect Brown to have a big game in a shootout with a suspect Patriots Defense.

Mario Manningham- Manningham is due for a good game, especially against the Dolphins this week.  I expect him to get near 100 yards receiving and a TD.

Sit Em-

Brandon Lloyd- The thing is the Rams will be throwing a lot since they will be down big against the Saints early this week.  Bradford is ruled out already with Feeley slated to get the start, Sit Lloyd.

Michael Jenkins- Don’t let last weeks game fool you, Jenkins isn’t that great of a receiver for him to be in your lineups this week against the Panthers.

Reggie Wayne- There is nothing Wayne owners can do but sit him now until a miracle of Peyton Manning coming back happens.  Owners knew had a risk coming into the season, and are paying for the repercussions.


NFL WEEK 8 Picks

Saints @ Rams

Dolphins @ Giants

Jaguars @ Texans

Cardinals @ Ravens

Vikings @ Panthers

Colts @ Titans

Lions @ Broncos

Redskins @ Bills

Bengals @ Seahawks

Patriots @ Steelers

Browns @ 49ers

Cowboys @ Eagles

Chargers @ Chiefs


#NBArank gets it all wrong

October 23, 2011 2 comments

First off, as this is my first post as a blogger for Windy City Sports talk, I would like to thank Skip Bauer for asking me to become a contributor.  I’m extremely pumped to get rollin’ as a regular blogger, and I hope you all enjoy our insights and opinions on all things Chicago sports.

I figured for my first post, I would write about my favorite (American) sport to watch: NBA basketball.  As we all know, the NBA is in a lockout and sadly, it looks more and more like we may not even have a season this year at all.  As we prepare to face a long, sad, and lonely winter without pro basketball, ESPN produced a system to rank all 500 current players in the NBA.  They asked 91 different NBA “experts” to rank each player 1-10.  After all the scores were averaged out and the list was announced, here’s my question: Who were these so called NBA “experts”?

Here’s the list of the top ten NBA players according to #NBArank:

  1. Lebron James – 9.91
    78 22.9 14.1 2.4 .593 .596
  2. Dwight Howard – 9,82
    78 22.9 14.1 2.4 .593 .596
  3. Dwayne Wade – 9.72
    76 25.5 6.4 4.6 .500 .758
  4. Chris Paul – 9.68
    80 15.9 4.1 9.8 .463 .878
  5. Dirk Nowitzki – 9.67
    73 23.0 7.0 2.6 .517 .892
  6. Kevin Durant – 9.62
    78 27.7 6.8 2.7 .462 .880
  7. Kobe Bryant – 9.40
    82 25.3 5.1 4.7 .451 .828
  8. Derrick Rose-9.27
    81 25.0 4.1 7.7 .445 .858
  9. Derron Williams – 8.98
    65 20.1 4.0 10.3 .439 .845
  10. Blake Griffin – 8.78
    82 22.5 12.1 3.8 .506 .642

When I first saw this list, I was shocked.  To me, there are some glaring problems here.  Now I don’t really mind Lebron at number 1.  I know a lot of people will probably be upset about this, and I don’t really blame them.  I don’t think there is any question that he is the most physically talented player in the league, if not of all time.  The problem with Lebron is that he doesn’t have something that the best player in any sport should have: Championships.  He has a huge reputation for choking in the playoffs.  Two years ago, he completely gave up against Boston in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.  Last y ear, he could not match Dirk Nowitzki in the finals, and once again failed to win a championship.  Having said all this, I still am okay with him being number 1, since he is always the in the MVP mix and his teams are consistently one of the favorites to win it all every season.

One of the biggest problems I have with this list is Chris Paul at number 4 and Derrick Rose at number 8.  To me, Derrick Rose is the best point guard in the league.  Now I know this comes off as extremely biased, and maybe it is, but I’m not the only person who believes this.  Derrick Rose was last seasons MVP.  MOST VALUABLE PLAYER.  This was not a fluke!  Now I’m not saying Derrick should be ranked at number 1, but how can the MVP not even be the best player at his position?  He got his Bulls team, with no other stars and very little offensive help, to the Conference Finals.  Chris Paul failed to make it out of the first round.  His performance in the series is probably why he was rated so high.  He had a lot of success against the Lakers, and he probably would have beat them if he had a better team.  But as the Lakers moved on, they showed they were nowhere near the team they have been in the past.  His regular season statistics were not very impressive either.  He only averaged 15 points a game.  Paul has always been a pass first point guard, and he did average 9.8 assists per game, but that was only the fourth best mark in the league.  His other stats are sub-par when compared to other point guards.  He brings a lot of intangibles to the floor, but so do all the other players on this list.  I see no reason for him to even be in the top ten, let alone fourth.

Another problem I have with the list is Kevin Durant’s position.  How is he not even in the top 5?  This guy was the leading scorer last season, and got his team to the Conference Finals where they ran into a red hot Mavericks team.  He is the most offensively talented player in the league, and is virtually unstoppable when he is on.  Think about it this way:  If you were a GM of a team, and the NBA demolished all the rosters and had a draft with all the players, who would be your first round pick?  Durant is the best scorer in the league, and he just turned 23 years old.  I don’t think too many of you would pass this guy up in the first few picks.

Finally, the most mind-boggling player on this list is one Blake Griffin.  What? Blake Griffin is the 10th best player in this league? I don’t think so.  Griffin is not even in the top 5 at his position.  Sure, he is a freak on the court, an excellent rebounder, and one of the most fun players to watch with his rediculous dunks, but that’s as far as the complements are going to go from this fan.  Defensively he is average at best, and he has virtually no game anywhere other than right above the rim.  His post moves are non-existent.  If this guy is the best player on your team, at this point in his career, then your team is probably in a lot of trouble.  The Clippers were atrocious last year.  Now, just think about the other big men who are ranked behind Griffin:  Pau Gasol, Zach Randolf, Marc Gasol, Amare Stoudemire, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Love, Al Horford, Lamarcus Aldridge, just to name a few.  And here’s the real kicker:  Griffin is ranked ahead of CARMELO ANTHONY.

So, after much thought, I’ve came up with my own top ten.  Feel free to comment, or even give your own list in the comments.

  1. Lebron James
  2. Kevin Durant
  3. Dirk Nowitzki (out of respect, I mean the guy DOMINATED the playoffs, out-balling James and Wade in the finals.  Probably won’t be nearly this high after next season)
  4. Dwayne Wade
  5. Dwight Howard
  6. Derrick Rose
  7. Kobe Bryant
  8. Chris Paul
  9. Deron Williams
  10. Carmelo Anthony
Here’s the link the #NBArank, if you want to check out the rest of the list.  I recommending reading some of the twitter comments as well, some of them are hilarious.

NFL WEEK 7 Start em Sit em/ Predictions

October 22, 2011 2 comments

This week the Bills, Bengals, Patriots, Giants, Eagles, and 49ers are all on byes, so obviously sit all the players on those teams.


Start Em

Philip Rivers- There are beginning to be doubters out there of Rivers who was probably taken high in most drafts, I was one of those people who took him 15th overall.  He has been the downfall of my team, but he hasn’t had a healthy Antonio Gates all year, and has never had Malcolm Floyd, Vincent Jackson, and Gates out there all year.  This week looks to be the week he finally gets some weapons out there, he’s going against a decent Jets defense this week, but don’t look for him to put up the numbers he has been.

Jay Cutler- Cutler had a good game against the Vikings last Sunday night, actually having time in the pocket because Mike Martz decided to put up more protection than just 5 offensive lineman.  The Bears play the Bucs this week in London and most people are worried about the jet lag for the Bears, I expect this to be a shootout of a game, and Jay to have a good game.

Josh Freeman- OK lets see if I could get him right this week, I had him starting against the 49ers and had a dud of a game.  Had him sitting last week against the Saints and had his best game of the year.  So this week I am deciding to put him on the start just for the fact the Bears defense besides last week has been getting torched for 350+ a game.

Matt Cassel- The Chiefs offense has been coming around the corner, especially after a bye, and a romping of the Colts two weeks ago.  That might be just what they needed to turn their season around from being really bad to just bad at this point.  The Raiders are giving up a lot of yards through the air and I look for him to have 300+ in this one.

Sit Em

Mark Sanchez- The Jets offense has no flow or rhythm to it at all, they are all messed up.  This week against the team that’s let up the least passing yards so far this year doesn’t bode well for Sanchez.  Maybe he’ll be able to throw for a TD or two, but don’t look for monster stats.

Kevin Kolb- He’s facing the Steelers, enough information at that.

Matt Ryan- Julio Jones looks like he’s going to be out again in this one, where they really do need him.  The Detroit crowd has been raucous these past couple of weeks, and I expect the same.  They have caused a lot of disruption with the crowd noise, and thrown a lot of offenses to have false start penalties.  Plus the Lions Defense is greatly improved from over the years, I’d sit him this week.

Matt Schaub- I said to sit Schaub last week and was actually finally a good decision of mine, he only threw for 220 yards and 1 TD without his best WR Andre Johnson.  Schaub has never fared well against the Titans, and I look for that trend to continue against them still without Andre.

Running Backs

Start Em

Mark Ingram- Ingram might actually to be able to rush for more than 75 yards this week, due to the fact that the Saints will probably be blowing out the Colts after the first quarter.  Look for him to actually get close to 20 carries, a score, and 100 yards this week.

DeMarco Murray- The rookie will have a chance to shine this week with Felix Jones probably out multiple weeks.  Cowboys are going up against a suspect Rams defense, where Murray should be able to find some holes and create offense.

Jackie Battle- Battle will be the featured back this week according to multiple Chiefs coaches.  Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster have not been getting it done since Jamaal Charles went down for the year.  I don’t have that much faith to start him over guys like Ingram or Murray, but he should be able to put up double-digit points against the Raiders this week.

Tim Hightower- Hightower looks set to play this week against the worst rush D in the league the Carolina Panthers.  Coach Mike Shanahan said between him and Torain, whoever has the hot hand is going to stay in there, which Hightower who catches the ball out of the backfield better, has a better chance of staying in longer.

Sit Em

Steven Jackson- He is going up against the Best run defense in the league, BJGE was able to find some holes last week, but that was due to the fact of Tom Brady.  Sam Bradford is out which means they will probably run it more, but I’d look for them to be blown out quickly in this one.

Peyton Hillis- Hillis is coming off of a disappointing game last week against the Raiders, where he injured his hamstring and quad.  He is still questionable and going up against a good run D of the Seahawks.  I’d look to avoid both and Hardesty this week in fantasy.

Shonn Greene- He was only able to rush for 74 yards last week against the Dolphins, which gives me no hope for him against the Chargers.  I’d look to stay away from him at all costs, and most of the other Jets players.

Wide Receivers

Start Em

Dwayne Bowe- Many people I know never have liked Bowe since he has been in the league, and is underrated to me as a receiver.  Look for him to have a big game against the Raiders this week.

Eric Decker- Decker should be helped by the departure of Brandon Lloyd, and with Tim Tebow at Quarterback now.  I have no faith in Tebow at all as a starter in the NFL, I still think he’ll be able to make a good receiver out of Decker for the time being.

Anquan Boldin- Boldin went off last week for over 100 yards receiving, and his best game of the season.  He’ll probably have Rashean Mathis on him, but I still like all of the Ravens this week on Monday Night Football.

Hines Ward- Ward should have a good day against the Cardinals this week in Denver.  The Cards upgraded their secondary this year with the drafting of Patrick Peterson, but that won’t help them this week.  Ward should grab a touchdown, and have 5+ receptions.

Sit Em

Pierre Garcon- Garcon had two huge weeks in a row, and finally came back down to Earth last week against the Bengals.  This week against the Saints, I doubt he’ll have the success he’s had in the previous weeks.

Mike Williams South- Until he has a big game again, I would sit him if I were owners of Williams South.  He’s playing in London this week, going to be going up against Charles Tillman, which I don’t see him having a great day against Peanut.

Lance Moore- Colston finally broke out last week against the Bucs, and Moore saw his targets decrease last week.  With Jimmy Graham being the best tight end in the game right now, and a healthy Colston, means less action for Moore.  Especially when the game against the Colts should be a quick one in the Bayou.



Predictions Week 7

Winners in Bold

Chargers @ Jets

Bears @ Bucaneers

Seahawks @ Browns

Falcons @ Lions

Texans @ Titans

Redskins @ Panthers

Broncos @ Dolphins

Steelers @ Cardinals

Chiefs @ Raiders

Packers @ Vikings

Rams @ Cowboys

Colts @ Saints

Ravens @ Jaguars


Leave a comment if you have lineup trouble this week, I’ll be able to help you with.  Subscribe to my blog to the right to get E-mails on the latest posts here at Windy City Dynasty.











Donovan Mcnabb’s Parents Up Close and Personal/Confrontation

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

My seat Sunday Night

I was at the Chicago Bears game this Sunday night against the Minnesota Vikings, I sat in the United Club, which I think is probably the best seats at any venue in Chicago.  You get a buffet of food before the game, which is the best I’ve ever had in my life, then you get to go up to your seats right before the game.  I was pumped because I needed 5 points out of the Bears defense to win this week in fantasy so I had even more to root for in this game, instead of just the Bears in general.

As me and my Dad got to our seats, we sat 3rd row in the United Club, where we sat last year against the Patriots in the blizzard, which was not fun at all.  I noticed where the camera was last year, was now a place with seats, where a family of 3 was sitting.  This area is secluded as you can see in the picture here, I knew that this wasn’t just ordinary fans.  I turned to my dad and said I think that’s Adrian Peterson’s family.  He’s like no it’s not, then as I was watching the pre-game festivities, I noticed that the older man had a Campbell’s Chilli soup jacket on, and the first thing I thought of was McNabb.  As the Vikings game out before the game, the older man had binoculars and was looking right at McNabb so that gave it away to me that it was indeed the family of Donovan McNabb.  I told my dad, and we both thought it was the greatest thing ever since were right by Donovan’s family,

Donvoan McNabb's family

what are the odds?


Behind me was a guy wearing a Bears jersey, and 2 Minnesota fans.  The Minnesota fans did not know each other, one was a man, the other a woman.  They didn’t know each other because the guy said out loud, yes! a Minnesota fan sits right next to me what are the odds.  We started talking about how bad both of our football teams were, and how the Twins did bad this year in Minnesota.  As the game got underway he was very loud towards the Vikings, and how bad they were doing, particularly at Donovan McNabb.  He did this very early in the game, as he was saying things about Donovan, I could see the McNabb family turn around and give the guy dirty looks.  I told him that when he was saying things that they were looking up at him, so I told him that it was Donovan McNabb’s family.  He was like oh my god it really is Donovan’s parents, he then told me and my Dad he was going to get the most out of the night then, since the Bears quickly got out to a quck lead.

Throughout the game McNabb was getting owned, after a safety, and about 4 sacks later, you can imagine how crazy the guy behind me was going.  He was shouting McNabb you’re a bum!!! Don’t get on the plane McNabb, stay in Chicago!!! We want Ponder chants then came out quickly after the game turned into a blowout.  Donovan’s mom was shown on T.V. leaving after McNabb was pushed to the ground by Julius Peppers, this is when Donovan’s dad had enough.  After one final Donovan you’re a bum!! Donovan’s Dad got up turned around, points at the Vikings fan and says “are youthe one running your mouth?”  The Vikings fan then said “I can’t hear you what?”  Donovan’s dad then says “You better shut your mouth before I come up there”  The Vikes fan replies “I’m just saying what I’ve felt the whole game, I want Ponder in there, McNabb can’t play anymore.”  Donovan’s dad then says “Exactly you’re not a player, you can’t even play, so shut your mouth.”  The guy responds with one more smart comment, and Donovan’s dad just says “F#$^ you.”  That was the end of the confrontation with the Vikings fan, and Donovan’s dad.

The guy behind me kept screaming out for Christian Ponder the whole time, and still calling McNabb a bum.  I was just laughing the whole time because I thought it was hysterical what was going on.  What were the chances that I sat right by McNabb’s family, and a guy going nuts about their son.  After Ponder was put into the game, and Donovan was benched the guy went nuts behind me.  The whole rest of the time after Ponder would complete a pass, he would say “Why couldn’t we do that all game!!, McNabb can’t run like that anymore!! Bench that Bum!!”  Donovan’s Dad never turned around again after that, and just insisted on watching the game the rest of the time.  Donovan’s Mom never returned after he was pushed to the ground by Julius Peppers.

I would be surprised if this isn’t the end of the road for Donovan McNabb as a starter in the NFL.

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Lets Get a Move On

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Red Sox Owner John Henry

OK enough is enough already with the Theo Epstein compensation talks.  It’s been about a week since I wrote about him coming to the Cubs, agreeing to the 5 year deal.  Since that time absolutely nothing new has happened except the Red Sox asking for ridiculous players for return.  Do they really think were going to give up Brett Jackson who stole 73 bases last year? Our ace pitcher of the future in Matt Garza?  Now I know whyTheo Epstein wants to get out of Boston,  just because they know Epstein is already out there trying to sulk as much as they can out of us.  John Henry is to me is absolutely crazy from the stories I’ve heard, and for the players he;s asking for thus far.  Tom Rickettsis showing that he’s not going to budge in this deal, because he knows the Cubs have the upper hand in this.  Epstein wasn’t supposed to come this early, are search for a GM was supposed to happen over the Winter, the fact that he agreed so early is why all of this compensation talks is going on.  The Cubs hold the upper hand in this because we have time, since this is done so early we can wait in the wings and wait until the Red Sox cave in to givingup just a couple of prospects.

Trey McNutt is said to be eyed by the Red Sox, he had an off-year last year due to blister problems most of the year.  He ended up with a 4.55 ERA over 91 innings last year, striking out 65 and walking 39.  McNutt was drafted in the 32nd round, and has turned out to be way better than the position he was drafted at.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on his numbers last year due to the blister problem, because his numbers in 2010 was a 2.48 ERA in 25 starts, striking out 132 in 116 innings, while only walking 37.  He could be in line to challenge Samardizja and Cashner next year for a spot in the starting rotation so It’ll be interesting to see if Ricketts pulls the trigger on this deal.  I, myself wouldn’t mind trading McNutt just to get this deal done, since I have total faith in Theo to get even better prospects than McNutt over time.  The deals of Jackson and Garza are never going to happen so all the Cubs fans out there should not worry.  Let’s hope this gets done shortly after the World Series ends, since it looks like it won’t get done by tonight.

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Week 6 Start/Sit em, Predictions

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

It has been a while since I posted, been busy with work and School.  Time to get back in the routine and post some good stuff here at windy city dynasty.

Week 6 Start em, Sit em


Start Em


Start Em

Tony Romo- Romo should be up for a huge game today against a Patriots defense that has allowed the most points in the league.  I would look for this game to be a shootout, since the Patriots score at will, and the Cowboys will have to be forced to throw.

Eli Manning- Eli threw for over 400 yards last week against a decent Seahawks defense, but also threw for 3 INT’s.  He still was able to put up a monster performance despite the picks, I look for him to bounce back this week against the Bills.

Andy Dalton- Any quarterback who goes against the Colts should be automatically inserted into your lineup to start.  Matt Cassel torched them last week, and I look for Dalton to do the same this week.

Colt Mccoy- I have Mccoy starting this week in my league in place of Rives, I like the matchup against the Raiders who are in a spot for let down in Oakland.  They are coming off an emotional win in Houston, I think they might be looking past the Browns.

Sit Em

Matt Schaub- Schaub has never had really great success against the Ravens, and I don’t expect him to change that trend today.  Andre Johnson is gonna be out again, leaving him with only decent receiver’s and against the best D in the league I’d look for other options.

Curtis Painter- Don’t let his numbers fool you this year, Curtis Painter is not a good quarterback, no where near what Peyton Manning is.  I think he is due for a reality check today against the Bengals.

Josh Freeman- I would probably start Freeman on the fact that I said to start him last week, and he put up one of the worst weeks this year by a quarterback.  He is going up against the Saints today at home, I don’t expect him to put up those numbers he did last week, but he is still a risky play at this poing.

Mark Sanchez- The Jets passing game is out of whack, ever since the receivers called a meeting to try to get in the game plan more.  Shonn Greene is coming off his best game of the year last week against the Pats, and I expect him and LT to get a lot of carries against the Dolphins.

Running Backs

Start Em

James Starks/ Ryan Grant- The Packers should be able to get up by a lot early in this game, for them just to lean on the run game.  Starks is probably more in line for more carries, but Grant should get his fair share.  I would start both today, for them being able to both put up double digits.

Mark Ingram- He was on my start em last week, and was able to get into the end zone against the Panthers.  This week he is going up against a Bucaneers defense that got bulldozed by Frank Gore last week.

Peyton Hillis- He is going to have the best game for a RB this week, against the Raiders, he will be fed the ball a lot, and catching out of the backfield.  Look for a MONSTER performance.

Felix Jones- Jones should be able to find some holes against the Pats D, as Shonn Greene dominated them last week, also look for Jones to have a big game in receiving today also.

Earnest Graham- Graham should have a big game all around today, with LeGarrete Blount out today, Graham should get his share of carries, and receptions to put up a big game.

Sit Em

Benjarvus Green-Ellis- I had him last week in my start em and he put up the best performance of his career.  This week he was on the injury list which came out of no where, and he has to go up against the Cowboys defense who is giving up the least rushing yards in the league.

Arian Foster- Foster is not going to be sit today in most leagues, due to the fact that he was taken high in many drafts.  I do not trust the Texans offense today against the Ravens defense, if you have better options put them in for Foster.

Jahvid Best- Last week’s fluke game against the Bears shouldn’t be overlooked here going up against the 49ers.  He was able to break off two long runs last Monday night, on busted assignments by the Bears.  If it wasn’t for those two plays he would of had a terrible game, sit him this week.

Reggie Bush- Bush is going to get some looks in the slot against the Jets this week, I have to much confidence in the Jets d to start Reggie Bush this week.

Wide Receivers

Start Em

A.J. Green-  He was one of my starts last week, and was able to come down with a TD grab.  I like him this week against a depleted Colts defense.

Antonio Brown- I’m going on a hunch here saying that Brown is probably going to have the best game as a Steelers receiver today against the Jaguars.  I think the depth of the Jags Corners aren’t that good, and I’ll look for Brown to be able to torch them down the field.

Dez Bryant- Bryant is a must start today against the Patriots which looks like it could head towards a shootout.  Romo should be able to hook up with him numerous times today, and could haul in a couple TD passes.

James Jones- With Greg Jennings on the injury report, they might keep Jennings limited against the Rams, which they probably will beat them within the first 10 minutes of the game.  I’d look for increased snaps for Jones and Nelson today.

Sit Em

Heyward Bay/ Moore- Both these Raiders receivers should be sat today against a good Browns passing defense.  I am expecting the let down today against them, and am not expecting much out of the Raiders.

Kevin Walter- Walter put up a good game last week against the Raiders in the absence of Andre Johnson.  Look for the Ravens to key up on him this week, and to shut him down.

Pierre Garcon- Garcon was in my sit last week, and he rattled of another huge game for the second straight week.  This might comeback to haunt me again, but I suspect the Bengals will keep an eye on him so he doesn’t have another big game.

NFL Week 6 Predictions

Winners in Bold

Bills at Giants

Colts at Bengals

Jaguars at Steelers

Eagles at Redskins

49ers at Lions

Rams at Packers

Panthers at Falcons

Browns at Raiders

Texans at Ravens

Saints at Bucaneers

Cowboys at Patriots

Vikings at Bears

Dolphins at Jets

If anybody has any questions regarding their fantasy lineups or my predictions, leave a comment, or email me at abauer2943@student.elgin.edu.  Good luck this week!






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One Step Closer for Cubs, Two Steps for Theo Epstein

October 12, 2011 Leave a comment

The news has finally broke that Theo Epstein is coming to the Chicago Cubs, with a deal of 5 years, around 20 million.  The deal has not been finalized yet since the Rickett’s are trying to get him a title for his duties.  The one thing Theo wanted to happen was that he wanted full control of the team, as he didn’t have full control in Boston.  Tom Ricketts wanted to find a GM who could take control of this team, and was a winner.  No one has been proven more a winner than the man of Theo Epstein.  He turned the Red Sox around right when he got the job in 2002, to almost making the World Series in 2003, to winning it in 2004, and 2007.  Although the collapse this September was completely not his fault, since the clubhouse had no chemistry from what it sounds like, he understands what it means to be a winner, and a contender.  This is what the Cubs have been missing for a while here, over paid players all around this club, and hopefully Theo can figure out some way to get us out of this hole.

I love this situation because Theo is left with a lot to do here, the only real pieces we have in place is Starlin Castro at short, Matt Garza is our ace, and there is not much else in place at this moment.  I am looking forward to what he does with this team, he’s going to have enough money to go after the big free agents such as Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols, and C.J. Wilson.  If he pulls the trigger on those deals remains to be seen, he needs to resign Aramis somehow, fill the hole at first base, clean up the mess in the outfield, and find some decent pitching in the bullpen and the rotation.  I’m not worried because I have all the faith in the world in Theo to do the job, as he has been my idol for quite sometime.  He is every young sports fans idol if they want to become a GM one day, and I can say the same for me.

Who will be the Manager?

Now the question next that needs to be answered is who will become Theo’s manager to lead this ball club next year which finished a disappointing 71-91.  There is no way that Epstein will be keeping Mike Quade as manager, as many wouldn’t have even put him as a manager, unlike Jim Hendry (which is why he got fired).  If it was my decision I would finally love to see Ryne Sandberg get his chance to manage here in Chicago, where he has wanted too for a while now.  After Hendry saying that Sandberg wasn’t ready for the big leagues yet it probably was gonna keep away Sandberg until he left, but now that Epstein is here, I believe he is number 1 on his list.  Epstein tried to get Sandberg to coach at Pawtucket last year, the triple A affiliate of the Red Sox, but Ryne ultimately went to go coach with the Leigh Valley Iron Pigs, the Phillies triple A affiliate.  Sandberg had a great reputation as a player, and now has it as a coach, all he has done in managing is win.  Sandberg in 5 season’s in the minor leagues, 2 in Triple A, 1 in double A, and 2 in single A, he has a combined record of 364-341, which is a .516 winning percentage.  Now some people may not think that is good, but he was never able to be with a team for more than two years, what that record shows is what he did right away, and that was win.  This is what the Cubs need is to win right away to get every game to sell out again like it was in 2007 and 2008.

Terry Francona is also a possibility, but not likely since they just had the break-up in Boston.  I would look to see that Francona will take some time off managing if he doesn’t get a job that he likes, and will probably stay in the announcing booth for the year.

Is next year here yet?

With all this news surrounding Cubs, I’m sure most fans are anxious for this MLB postseason to get over with, so the winter meeting’s can start, and free agency begin.  I know I’m already looking forward to next year, which usually doesn’t happen until around Christmas time when Fantasy Football ends.  This year Christmas has come early with all of this news, and I cannot wait for Theo to start making moves in the Cubs organization.