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Lets Get a Move On

Red Sox Owner John Henry

OK enough is enough already with the Theo Epstein compensation talks.  It’s been about a week since I wrote about him coming to the Cubs, agreeing to the 5 year deal.  Since that time absolutely nothing new has happened except the Red Sox asking for ridiculous players for return.  Do they really think were going to give up Brett Jackson who stole 73 bases last year? Our ace pitcher of the future in Matt Garza?  Now I know whyTheo Epstein wants to get out of Boston,  just because they know Epstein is already out there trying to sulk as much as they can out of us.  John Henry is to me is absolutely crazy from the stories I’ve heard, and for the players he;s asking for thus far.  Tom Rickettsis showing that he’s not going to budge in this deal, because he knows the Cubs have the upper hand in this.  Epstein wasn’t supposed to come this early, are search for a GM was supposed to happen over the Winter, the fact that he agreed so early is why all of this compensation talks is going on.  The Cubs hold the upper hand in this because we have time, since this is done so early we can wait in the wings and wait until the Red Sox cave in to givingup just a couple of prospects.

Trey McNutt is said to be eyed by the Red Sox, he had an off-year last year due to blister problems most of the year.  He ended up with a 4.55 ERA over 91 innings last year, striking out 65 and walking 39.  McNutt was drafted in the 32nd round, and has turned out to be way better than the position he was drafted at.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on his numbers last year due to the blister problem, because his numbers in 2010 was a 2.48 ERA in 25 starts, striking out 132 in 116 innings, while only walking 37.  He could be in line to challenge Samardizja and Cashner next year for a spot in the starting rotation so It’ll be interesting to see if Ricketts pulls the trigger on this deal.  I, myself wouldn’t mind trading McNutt just to get this deal done, since I have total faith in Theo to get even better prospects than McNutt over time.  The deals of Jackson and Garza are never going to happen so all the Cubs fans out there should not worry.  Let’s hope this gets done shortly after the World Series ends, since it looks like it won’t get done by tonight.

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