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Donovan Mcnabb’s Parents Up Close and Personal/Confrontation

My seat Sunday Night

I was at the Chicago Bears game this Sunday night against the Minnesota Vikings, I sat in the United Club, which I think is probably the best seats at any venue in Chicago.  You get a buffet of food before the game, which is the best I’ve ever had in my life, then you get to go up to your seats right before the game.  I was pumped because I needed 5 points out of the Bears defense to win this week in fantasy so I had even more to root for in this game, instead of just the Bears in general.

As me and my Dad got to our seats, we sat 3rd row in the United Club, where we sat last year against the Patriots in the blizzard, which was not fun at all.  I noticed where the camera was last year, was now a place with seats, where a family of 3 was sitting.  This area is secluded as you can see in the picture here, I knew that this wasn’t just ordinary fans.  I turned to my dad and said I think that’s Adrian Peterson’s family.  He’s like no it’s not, then as I was watching the pre-game festivities, I noticed that the older man had a Campbell’s Chilli soup jacket on, and the first thing I thought of was McNabb.  As the Vikings game out before the game, the older man had binoculars and was looking right at McNabb so that gave it away to me that it was indeed the family of Donovan McNabb.  I told my dad, and we both thought it was the greatest thing ever since were right by Donovan’s family,

Donvoan McNabb's family

what are the odds?


Behind me was a guy wearing a Bears jersey, and 2 Minnesota fans.  The Minnesota fans did not know each other, one was a man, the other a woman.  They didn’t know each other because the guy said out loud, yes! a Minnesota fan sits right next to me what are the odds.  We started talking about how bad both of our football teams were, and how the Twins did bad this year in Minnesota.  As the game got underway he was very loud towards the Vikings, and how bad they were doing, particularly at Donovan McNabb.  He did this very early in the game, as he was saying things about Donovan, I could see the McNabb family turn around and give the guy dirty looks.  I told him that when he was saying things that they were looking up at him, so I told him that it was Donovan McNabb’s family.  He was like oh my god it really is Donovan’s parents, he then told me and my Dad he was going to get the most out of the night then, since the Bears quickly got out to a quck lead.

Throughout the game McNabb was getting owned, after a safety, and about 4 sacks later, you can imagine how crazy the guy behind me was going.  He was shouting McNabb you’re a bum!!! Don’t get on the plane McNabb, stay in Chicago!!! We want Ponder chants then came out quickly after the game turned into a blowout.  Donovan’s mom was shown on T.V. leaving after McNabb was pushed to the ground by Julius Peppers, this is when Donovan’s dad had enough.  After one final Donovan you’re a bum!! Donovan’s Dad got up turned around, points at the Vikings fan and says “are youthe one running your mouth?”  The Vikings fan then said “I can’t hear you what?”  Donovan’s dad then says “You better shut your mouth before I come up there”  The Vikes fan replies “I’m just saying what I’ve felt the whole game, I want Ponder in there, McNabb can’t play anymore.”  Donovan’s dad then says “Exactly you’re not a player, you can’t even play, so shut your mouth.”  The guy responds with one more smart comment, and Donovan’s dad just says “F#$^ you.”  That was the end of the confrontation with the Vikings fan, and Donovan’s dad.

The guy behind me kept screaming out for Christian Ponder the whole time, and still calling McNabb a bum.  I was just laughing the whole time because I thought it was hysterical what was going on.  What were the chances that I sat right by McNabb’s family, and a guy going nuts about their son.  After Ponder was put into the game, and Donovan was benched the guy went nuts behind me.  The whole rest of the time after Ponder would complete a pass, he would say “Why couldn’t we do that all game!!, McNabb can’t run like that anymore!! Bench that Bum!!”  Donovan’s Dad never turned around again after that, and just insisted on watching the game the rest of the time.  Donovan’s Mom never returned after he was pushed to the ground by Julius Peppers.

I would be surprised if this isn’t the end of the road for Donovan McNabb as a starter in the NFL.

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