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NBA-1 Chicago Bulls-0

Say it isn’t so!! The Chicago Bulls finally get a good team, wait.. Let me rephrase that, GREAT team on the court, and the NBA and NBPA can’t come to an agreement.  I can see why the NFL took so long on their lockouts, because there is more risk for long-term health issues in the NFL than the NBA. Why the Players and the NBA can’t come to an agreement on revenue streams to me is mind-boggling.   If there were to be no season at all, it will be really disappointing for NBA fans, and especially the Chicago Bulls.  This means every player gets a year older, MVP  Derrick Rose will be 23 instead of 22, Kurt “Big Sexy” Thomas will be in his 40’s then, and it just kills any momentum the Bulls had going their way into this season.  The Bulls had a great draft, having traded for the rights of #23 draft pick Small Forward Nikola Mirotic, and getting Jimmy Butler with the 30th pick, a great Small Forward from Marquette.

Having lost to the dreaded Miami Heat in the Conference Finals was a heart breaker to all Bulls fans, that team felt like nothing was going to stop them from winning the NBA Championship.  This team reminds me of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup team, having so much depth, and so many role players,  guys like Kyle Korver, Luol Deng, Omer Asik, Taj Gibson, and of course spark plug Joakim Noah. 

Lets just say if there is no season we all should take a day to reflect what this year could have been, and basically what that means is NBA Finals.  Lets hope David Stern and the NBA find a miracle to get a deal done.  If not I’ll leave you all with something to enjoy!!

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