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And the new White Sox manager is….. Robin Ventura??

Kenny Williams took no time in naming his new manager, non other than former player Robin Ventura.  This is the second manager in a row to be a former Sock, a good 3rd baseman, and famous for getting be up by Nolan Ryan as seen to the left.  How quickly Kenny Williams did this is a shock to me, there were way better candidates than Ventura, who has no coaching experience at all, such as Sandy Alomar Jr, Terry Francona, and Davey Martinez.  Robin is gonna be a different manager than most Sox fans are used to seeing, after 8 seasons of Ozzie Guillen as the manager, I believe Ventura will be more laid back, and more one on one with the players.

Kenny Williams wanted Ventura for his leadership ability, his character, and his Baseball knowledge.  Will this though be enough for Ventura to turn around a ball club who didn’t even come close to their expectations during the season.  What will he do with the man who had more strikeouts than his batting average total in Adam Dunn, what can he do with Gordon Beckham who has not developed yet that people thought he would be at by now, and what will guys think of someone who has no experience coaching?  The strong point for this team is the pitching going into next year, building on a great season by Phil Humber, and new closer Sergio Santos.   I personally don’t like the decision knowing that there were way better qualified coaches out there, that had high interest in the Sox.  Keeping it in the family I guess is the motto for Kenny Williams, and company.

We already knew Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen were on the hot seat, but if the Ventura signing doesn’t work out like he wanted over the next two or so seasons, I would look for Jerry Reinsdorf to look for someone else in the GM position.  With this move look for Terry Francona to the Cubs speculation grow over the next month or two, and lets see what Ventura’s motto is during his press conference.


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  1. October 9, 2011 at 1:33 AM

    Nice blog, I was really hoping the Sox would try and go for Francona, picking Ventura shocked me big time. He was a good player but hopefully he can manage, not sure if I can take seeing these boys with another losing season.

    • October 9, 2011 at 10:28 AM

      Yeah it caught me by surprise how quickly he picked Ventura, I guess when it comes to Kenny Williams, he sets his heart on one person and gets them. We’ll see how it goes, maybe he’ll take them in the right direction.

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