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MLB Playoffs

The MLB playoffs are well underway with the crazy last day of the season.  My beloved Cubs were long gone out of the playoff race in mid April, haven’t tasted the post season in 3 years now and counting.  Back to the last day of the regular season, before I lose track in my Cubs talk, that was one of the most exciting finishes I’ve seen in any professional sport. The way that Papelbon blew the save against the Orioles with 2 strikes and 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth 1 strike away from at least forcing a tie breaker game!! Then just like that in a blink of an eye the Orioles walkoff, and three minutes later Longo blasts the Rays into the postseason.  Gave me the chills then and still now just thinking about it.

The Rays are currently trailing the Rangers 2-1 in the series and look to even it up in game 4 at home at Tropicana.  The team that looks the most unstoppable right now in both leagues is the Brewers, I hate to say it, hating them with a passion, but the Brewers look like the best complete team in the playoffs right now.  The rotation of Gallardo, Marcum, and Greinke is ridiculous, and the offense speaks for itself with Braun and Fielder.  The Tigers are leading the Yankees 2-1, after Verlanders great outing, and Young’s late inning homerun.  The Cards and Phils tied at 1-1, that series is up for grabs now moving to St. Louis after the split in Philly.

I’ll have more Baseball talk tomorrow for everyone and looking forward to the off season for the Cubs with the GM position, and the cap space.

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