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Fantasy Wrap up Weeks 1-4

This fantasy year so far has been an exciting one, yet interesting one as usual.  In a standard PPR league if you were to tell me that Darren Sproles and Fred Jackson were in the top 10 I would tell you your crazy, but that is the case right now.  Darren Sproles is off to an amazing start with the Saints and their high powered offense with 26 receptions and 224 yards thus far, along with 134 yards rushing.  I myself drafted Mark Ingram in the fourth round thinking he was going to be the primary and goal line back, but that thinking has backfired on me.

As for Quarterbacks, the top 2 are Brady and Rodgers, which we all saw coming, but Cam Newton being 3rd in most scoring leagues is quite the shocker.  Most people were doubters of Newton coming out of Auburn, but he has resurrected not only the Panthers future, but also Steve Smith’s career.  After having the likes of Jimmy Clausen, and Matt Moore throwing him the ball last year, Smith has already put up close to the numbers he had through all of last year in 4 games.  Who ever took a chance of Steve Smith is being rewarded for it right now in all leagues.

Calvin Johnson might be the best WR since Randy Moss in his prime, he looks unstoppable right now and is on pace to shatter Moss’s TD Reception record.  All Matt Stafford (who also is having a monster year) has to do is throw it up his way, and more than likely is going to come down with the ball.  The Lions themselves look dominant, as a Bears fan it is quite remarkable to see how far they have come the last 5 years.

Later in the week I’ll have my projections and starts and sits of the week, also the NHL season kicks off this week, and I’ll be going over some sleepers for the year, also going over the season preview.

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